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Who is Klondike Kate?

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Personal History

“Klondike” Kate Rockwell was born in Kansas in
1877. She grew up in Spokane Falls, Washington,
and as a young girl, Kate was known for her
vivacious and rebellious personality. She never
finished school, but instead earned success when
she joined a Theater Company as a dancer.

Kate moved to the Yukon during the gold rush to
continue dancing and entertaining and gained fame
with the miners there who enjoyed watching her
dance. It was here that Kate earned her nickname:
the gold miners called her “Klondike Kate,
Queen of the Yukon.”

After moving to Oregon, Kate achieved success in
another trade. She opened a restaurant on a local
Main Street and was known affectionately by the
locals as “Aunt Kate.”

Kate was also known for her kindness and
generosity. She often shared her money with those
in need, and volunteered her time in taking care
of the ill who were affected by the flu epidemic.

Klondike Kate lived a long and entrepreneurial life
and died at the age of 80 in 1957 in her home state
of Oregon.