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How does the Loyalty program work?

Join Martuscelli Restaurant Group Rewards and start earning delicious rewards! Get a 25 point welcome bonus and unlock $14 OFF for 200 points. Sign Up Here

Can I use this Loyalty Program at all the Martuscelli Restaurant Group Locations?
Yes! In fact you earn from all the locations and USE your rewards at ALL the locations. 

How do I Join? Sign Up Here

How do I check to see how many points I have? Look Up Rewards Here 

How do I earn points?

Every time you spend money at any of our locations you earn points. 

How long are the offers valid?
The point level offers are valid for 30 days. Some special rewards have shorter time frames to use them.

Are there any restrictions on when an offer may be used?
Yes, offers can’t be combined with other offers or promotions. Also, the system will automatically lock redemptions on holidays and holiday weekends so no offers can be used. It can only be used on parties of 20 or less. 

Can I earn points when I purchase gift cards?
No, points can’t be earned on the purchase of gift cards only on the redemption.

Can multiple people at my table use offers?
No, only one offer per check. A check may be split but it will have the same check number. Only one discount per check number.

Can multiple people at my table earn points?
No, the system will award the points to the first number who texts the points code. The next person will get a response saying sorry.

Can I earn points on off-premise catered events, private functions and/or structured events in the restaurant?
No. These types of events require us to design specials menus, pricing and guidelines.